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"Give me time to think on it, Mr. Wilson. In the mean time, you and our lady friend here will be in the waiting room. Do not worry, we won't be hostile if you don't be."

"Take your time, after all its not like I have anywhere to go because I don't know where I am."

Darius shook his head as Moxie walked away from the group with tears in her eyes.

"Wow, nice people skills there you got real tears."

Darius looked over at Manson with an idea in his head.

"Mr. Boss Man, Miss Stuart just choked that's all. Not only have I seen it before but I've choked before as well. Let me show her the ropes, I know it helped me when I was a rook. Were both humans so I know its a bigger risk for her than other agents you have here. Gimme a week and I'll have have her ready for whatever she needs. Of course I don't want to replace Mr. Septimus here, just a temporary tutor for the week in addition to his supervision over her."

He turned his attention back over to Moxie who was down the hallway.

"You know if someone doesn't speak to her she's gonna keep doubting herself and she'll never get to where you want her to be." he said in a now serious tone.
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