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"Mr. Boss Man, Miss Stuart just choked that's all. Not only have I seen it before but I've choked before as well. Let me show her the ropes, I know it helped me when I was a rook. Were both humans so I know its a bigger risk for her than other agents you have here..."

Baldur tuned out as soon as Darius classified himself as human. "He does not know yet?" he thought. He began to chuckle, at the mere thought of this ones own blindness. "Heh heh heh... heh ha ha ha ha ha..." he laughed sinisterily. "I would certainly hate to be the one to spoil it." he thought.

"You know if someone doesn't speak to her she's gonna keep doubting herself and she'll never get to where you want her to be."

"She doesnt need a speaking to..." Baldur brushed past, heading over to Moxie. "She needs a choice!"

As Moxie walked the long hallway alone, weeping at her own failure. "I wanna go home..."

Baldur suddenly appeared in front of her, his piercing blood-shine eyes looking down upon her.

"Then why waste my time with you?" he began. "Dont dare mistake my efforts as unavailing. I never said you failed, you just need more toning to make you into an effective soldier."

He crossed his arms, and watched as tears poured through her eyes. "Pull yourself together. What ever reasons you decided to join this organisation Stuart, you focus on that instead. Otherwise, I insist you stop wasting my time with you..."
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