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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post

Oh, so you're not "good" because it's morally correct, you just fear the consequences?
Yes, I do fear the consequences, because there isn't always a "moral" good, just like I said. But ofcourse, I prefer non-violent ways, like speaking. Either way, whether I fear the consequences or the morality, I'm acting "good" and that's what counts the most.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
It seems you're trying to have it both ways: You can insult Zeus right now and feel justified in expecting immediate consequences. Yet I suspect that if you insulted your deity right now and nothing happened, you'd posit that your punishment would await in the afterlife. Would you be willing to put your "soul" where your mouth is and try the same experiment with "the prophet" muhammed, or some other religious icon that live a little closer to home?
1) There's a difference between that religion and mine: Polytheisme and Monotheisme. Further than that, the Greek religion is ... "direct", that's what I mean: Arachne insulted Athena, what happened? She popped out and challenged her. Zeus changes into an animal every second to couple with a woman. "They" respond immediately when you insult them, that's why I insulted them. And my excuses to those who believe in Zeus etc... . I pull it back. (Are there any here?)

And besides, by "nope nothing" I meant that nothing happened to me after that.

2) If Allah interferes everytime when something bad happens, why would he send a messenger then ? How would Mahomet convince other people? God's messengers always have a rough time, they're all martyrs.

I mean, when a war break outs, the prophet had to fight. He could snap his fingers and say "disappear", but that would be pointless if you want to prove something... I know you're going to quote this hehe, but I really can't explain it by writing.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
It seems that on some level you're willing to argue that your religion deserves special treatment. Hmmm.
Every religion deserves that. But wait, isn't half of the Muslims living in poverty? Aren't we discriminated in the world? I can tell you, I am, here in Belgium, especially after 9/11. I understand those people, we're foreigners, have other habits, other religion... But that's no reason to NOT accept us, because if they do, then hate escalates in both sides and this only leads to a "vicious circle". I presume you know what that is . However, there are people who respect us and we respect them back. Naturally, there always are people disturbing the peace, on both sides.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
What's more, it's a shame that you felt the desire to participate in this discussion, yet when pressed, you have reply thusly. If you have good arguments to present but choose not to, then you're missing an opportunity to change my mind (or the mind of someone else who's reading along). If you do not, then the flippant tone of your (perceived) dismissal might suggest that you've no intention of seriously considering the points that have been raised for you...which would further imply that you're not here to debate in good faith, but rather to preach.
I am here to debate in good faith, but you suddenly changed orientation towards the Islamic believe. I only commented about the bible saying that it had discrepancies and anachronisms everywhere after time.
And I'm not preaching, otherwise I would try to convert you into islam, but am I ? Nope. I know you won't convert and that it is your choice and I respect your choice.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
The rules of logic are not subjective. People either have good reasons for believing in something or they do not. Because people frequently allow their religious beliefs to influence their political beliefs, social beliefs, etc, those choices have consequence outside of just their lives. So I'm sorry, there is no "live and let live" in this regard.
IF religion influences your political or social beliefs, it most likely is positive. You'll act good and friendly.
I know, you'll direct me to that picture, but harm was done to them. That's why they act like that. If the Danish cartoonist didn't insult our prophet, nothing would have happened. It's like that one saying: "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth" or something like that.

"An eye for an eye for an eye for an eye .... ends in making everybody blind"- Mahatma Ghandi
"One good act of vengeance deserves another..."- John Jefferson

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