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Originally Posted by pApzy View Post
Hey, yeah some Metallica would be awsome, Killswith Engage, koRn are also in my favorite list.

And yes lets pray for Brütal Legend 2!!!
ensiferum-guardians of fate
devil driver- horn of betrayal
children of bodom- somebody put something in my drink
children of bodom- children of bodom
rob zombie- dragula
breakin benjamin- blow me away
dethklok- awaken
dethklok- murdertrain a comin'
demon hunter- through the black
disturbed- indestructable
disturbed- stupify
dimmu borgir- reptile
powerwolf- we take it from the living
powerwolf- we came to take your souls
drowning pool- bodies
iron maiden- aces high
borknagar- the genuine pulse
all this be meh wishlist. now, lets get BRUTAL
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