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The last episode of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures has finally been completed by me!

This one wasn't as memorable as the last, but it's got a lot of the last episode's good points. First, there's a new location - the Prickly Thicket country club, which is always a welcome addition to an episodic game series, especially one where the bulk of the season takes place in the same two locations (West Wallaby Street and the Town Square).

The only new character in this episode was pretty unlikable. She was supposed to be that way because of the story, but it's a shame another character wasn't added into the mix.

The jail was a lot more fun to visit this time, since for the first time there was someone in the cell who could talk. It was fun to hear his responses to Gromit, and then hear different responses when Wallace visited.

The solution to the last episodes cliffhanger was a little off-putting at first, since it seemed like they just through in a convenient way to solve the problem, but the resolution at the end of the game made the whole plot a lot more palatable.

I liked the slide-puzzle puzzle a lot. It was a really clever way to add in a classic game as a mini-game, and reminded me (in concept, not in execution) of the very enjoyable Asteroids arcade mini-game in Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo.

All in all, the season was tied together very well, and stayed very true to the characters (which is something Telltale has proven themselves to be capable of doing, maybe moreso than any other developer). I'd love to see another season!
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