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Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
That wouldn't be right, considering that in a lost sound file, Bao says something along the lines of "Don't let my sacrifice be in vain" in his appearance to the remote on Malachor. Since Bao-Dur had pre-recorded it, it means he had died somewhere along the line before Malachor. Of course, he could also have recorded it long ago, assuming he would be dead by the time the remote would return to malachor.

The way Obsidian set up Bao-Dur's back story and end-game plot (or lack thereof) left a lot of room for speculation. Of course, many people believe he died between the remote's message and the battle of the ravager.

Which ever way you look at it, Bao-Dur most likely died before the End-Game.
I could never honestly make anything of it. One way or the other as-is.

Perhaps Obsidian had plans for him to have died, but I'm not sure how or where he would have died. Though it does sound like a mod inspiration and since you're a modder...PM me...before I forget about this.

But as it is I believe he just couldn't bear to see the horror he wrought...well, then again that doesn't make sense so I guess you have a point... Hmm, never thought of that.

Which of course could make a lot of sense. Until you take into consideration Kreia said he was Just a Man. And if Nihilus was a real master of the Force, like he was hyped to be, he would have learned the methods to becoming one with it, similar to a jedi we all know and tolerate moderately.
According to the New Essential Chronology, an unnamed Darth who was believed to be his apprentice (had to've been before or in the shadow of, Visas Marr) is still on the loose. So his teachings at least may have survived. I know assassins in general did not go away. May not have been Nihilus, Sion, or Traya assassins though.

Since his whole concept is similar to magical creatures in other story types (losing his body due to force usage, the high dependency and slavery to his own power) it may well be that his body simply faded out and be no more. That he may have passed a certain threshold and it prevented him from being able to become immortal and one with the force. He gave up everything to achieve it afterall.

And even if they managed to retcon that fact, they'd have to deal with the fact that Lucien stayed away from the Dark Side, and when to his family's estate on that one moon.
Anything is possible. At this rate anyways.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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