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Rusu sat there, his staff allowing him to feel the commotion that was going on in this building. This chair he had seemed all to content to sit in earlier now became a sore to his body. Slowly Rusu stood upon his feet and stretched out his back listening to his back pop and feel slightly better. Extending his cloth wrapped right hand he gripped his staff tightly and walked out of the room. Walking own the extended hallway he observed there to be no decoration of any sort. Rusu was becoming slightly disappointed in his old friends ability to decorate the halls even a little.

Turning to his left he stopped in front of the elevator and pressed the up button. Several moments later the metal doors slid apart and revealed a smaller room. Rusu stepped in and the door closed behind him. Hitting the M button he waited. The room shook a little and began its rise up to the floor he was trying to see.

Once the elevator made its arrival at its destination the doors once again slid open and Rusu stepped out. And from what it appeared to be he caught the tail end of what ever the commotion was. In the air however he did sense hostility, which was slightly concerning to him. Knowing it was best to stay out of it, Rusu stood there his staff gripped tightly in his hand.

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