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"You can still be my instructor, Baldur. Sir. And I'll try my best to make you proud of me. Thank you. Permission to leave now, sir?"

"Hmph..." Baldur muttered, while nodding his head. As soon as Darius arived, Baldur left the two alone to discuss matters. He walked down the hallway and followed the path towards the Interogation Chambers.

The Chambers were a series of rooms down an archway corridor, with a window overlooking through it. Each room was designed for a specific purpose depending on their level of crudeness - including torture.

Johnny Black, was thrown into one particular interogation chamber - where the ceiling consisted of both normal lighting and a Low Setting UV light, which can only be controlled when needed - ideal for gathering information from Vampires, if they were being difficult.

Baldur stood behind the glass, watching Black slowly waking up from his Garlic Induced coma. "We wait for Manson to show up, before we begin the interogation..."
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