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Eh, the asians have made plenty of good movies that are based on manga (which is what many anime are based on). I think it's more a matter of what chapters or storylines they choose. Oldboy was pretty awesome, even City Hunter with Jackie Chan, and I know most people here loved Battle Royale. I think it's really just about finding compitent people with an appreciation for the source.

Also, Nicholas Cage should never ever touch anything like this. He was slated for the American Oldboy remake which makes me angry, and I hear he was a terrible decision for the remake of Bangkok Dangerous. Of course I'm also biased in that I don't like Nicholas Cage because much like Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise, he's still just Nicholas Cage is * in his movies.

I'd prefer someone like Edison Chen to play Spike Spiegel, but even then he's not ideal. Someone tall and lanky with believable athletic ability is required. Remember, Spike is essentially Bruce Lee meets Kareem Abdul Jabar, but caucasian. I'd prefer they pick a musical actor as stage show dancers often have a good combination of acting ability and physical presence and can meet the standards that a good Spike Spiegel demands. I think it's also important they cast right for that trademark curly-wave hair.

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