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Moxie smiled kindly as Baldur left. Then she turned to Darius.

"Sure thing Mox, oh and there's no need for sir for me just Darius will do. One more thing I want to speak to you later so I guess just come find me here whenever you're ready to speak."

"Sure thing... Darius. And thank you, for everything." And with that, she was going to take her leave. As she walked in the huge foyer, Moxie got a big surprise.

"You still here?"

Moxie turned. It was her old friend, Sonya Edison. She gasped with joy. "Sonya?! OMG!!" The two girls ran towards one another and gave each other a big hug. "What are you doin' here?!"

"Well, I thought about what you said on joining in this place, and well... here I am!"

"Wow! Man... I never thought you'd join the SS organization. I'm glad you're here, Sonya."

Sonya smiled brightly. "So am I, Mox. So am I."

Suddenly, Moxie replied, "Oh shoot! I gotta go see where Ashtin's at. I'll see ya later, 'kay?"

"Sure thing! Take care, Moxie. I'll be waiting for one of the officers anyway. See yaz!"

Moxie waved. "See ya!" And with that, the young girl went to look for Ashtin.


Manson finally got to the Interrogation room, where Baldur was at. He too looked at Black from behind the glass, who was waking up slowly.

He then whispered to Baldur, "Start the interrogation without me, Agent Septimus. An old friend of mine is waiting for me in the office. Also, I'd like to talk with you after the interrogation. That okay with you?"
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