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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
I'm in total agreement there and I strongly believe they're not even going to touch that as it will turn off many of the game's fans.

It's like I said, the thoughts in Starkiller's head in the trailer are way too complicated for him to be a new person, cloned in the image of Starkiller. Then the fact that he remembers Juno and her query about seeing each other again should have been enough of a hint for others out there to stay away from it. That was one of the last things Juno says to him.

The thing people should be wondering IMO is how Yoda could possibly play a role in this. It's hard to believe that they just threw in Yoda's voice talking to Starkiller just for spite. Then think about how Yoda's teachings and Vader's statements are conflicting Starkiller's mind. Well, maybe not in this thread since this is about Starkiller being alive, but still...
Dude you are on it i am 100 percent with you on that. You should start a new thread and talk about this but then again i guess thats what i was trying to do with mine to when i put interpreting the trailer and storyline. EVERYBODY OVER TO MY THREAD NOW! lol. Shem im gonna talk to you more you know what you're talking about
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