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""Start the interrogation without me, Agent Septimus. An old friend of mine is waiting for me in the office. Also, I'd like to talk with you after the interrogation. That okay with you?"

Baldur nodded. "We already have Gibbs in the chamber. Obviously, I cant go in there because of the UV Switch Light." he stood by a control console, where a red button was waiting to be pushed.

Gibbs, the Interogater, circled the Bearded Vampire; whom was sitting on the floor, with his hands tied behind him - unable to do any harm. Gibbs shut the door behind him. Black was the first one to say something.

"You've got the wrong guy, pal." he said. "Surely you dont want to make yourself look bad infront of your fellow beuracrats with a case of mistaken identity."

"Oh, we know alot about you. I assure you Mr. Black." Gibbs said. He placed a file on a near-by Table. "Johnathon M. Black, previous Industrial Chemist trainee working for a respectable Pharmacutical Company. Until the day you turned... Now, you are just a petty arms dealer and organised drug traficing - specifically and exclusivily for vampires."

"Vampires? Pfft..." he spat on Gibbs boot. "You're wasting you're breath!"

Gibbs looked at the two-way mirror, where Baldur was watching behind. Gibbs nodded, to indicate Baldur to press the red button. A bright light switched on, and Black began to scream in agony. His flesh was begining to sizzle and burn from the sensitivity. The UV light was switched off.

"Dont play stupid with me, Johnny. We just wanna talk. There is no harm with having a little conversation, is there?" Gibbs smiled. "Or if anything else, we could always just sit here and sunbake."

"Look... eeeugh..." Black agonised. "I dont know these guys personally. My business with them is extremely confidential - I only make trades with them in exchange for cold blooded cash."

The UV light was switched back on, which further tormented Black. His skin was begining to darken from the exposure. Gibbs frowned behind the mirror. "You enjoyed that, didnt you Baldur?" Baldur smirked, and switched off the UV light.

"Wait... I can tell you something." Black said urgently. "The leader; I make my trade route to him personally. Every fortnight, we meet up with his gang to make the exchange."

Gibbs leaned closer. "And... where precisely do you meet every fortnight?"

((Your move, Skywalker. Wheres the next scene :] ))
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