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Originally Posted by JuniorModder View Post
1. When I came here, I was a noob interested in modding. I began to learn things about modding on my own. Then I posted a thread discussing my SC mod. And I understand that everyone is sick of noobs posting ambitious projects, but I was deeply discouraged by all of the flack and negativity that I received. I eventually got over it, but then other people started posting new ideas for SC mods, and they received similar treatment. Instead of discouraging them, encourage them. I heard a saying once "Even Einstein was a kid once". This could be translated to "[Insert modder here] was a noob once" I try to provide as much praise to noobs as possible, hoping to conquer the crap they get for having a good idea.
Constructive criticism, take it as you want it... Start out small work larger, most noobs arrive with a massive idea and no clue how to mod and fail; we're only trying to help.

Originally Posted by JuniorModder View Post
2. MrCharlton posted a thread attempting to discuss Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Not one person replied. Do you know why? Because the mods closed on first sight. What the CRAP was that about?! I love Clone Wars and would have posted in that thread, but OH NO somebody didn't like it so they closed it, denying other people the pleasure of discussing it.
I love the fact you quickly jump up in arms, despite the fact you haven't looked very far... there is an open Clone Wars thread. Two were closed (one of which was a fake trailer thread) and one left open, and a request for all Clone Wars related posts to go there.

Observe; here he then further posted Clone Wars threads here and here

The threads were closed as one was a prank, which wasn't funny, and because of the prank, I also closed one other thread and requested discussion of the series to remain in one thread. It really didn't need this drama... Indeed your reaction, to me at least makes me think that your the one taking all this far to seriously... It's only an internet forum.

Originally Posted by JunniorModder View Post
3. There is a VERY unfriendly atmosphere here. Remember D'oh? He was on here for about a month, and he was so offended by people here that he left.
Keep it up and you'll be squashing brilliant people into the ground. I've considered leaving here many times, but because of my mod I haven't.
Someone posted a question in a thread that I could help him with. So I began to help him. I noticed that it was beginning to drift off topic, so I told him to continue the conversation in PM's. The mods picked that post to infract, saying that it was spam. It is not very wise to post your opinion on anything here because you'll probably get infracted. Oh no, you better not double post even you having something relative to say because you'll be infracted.
Where? If you mean Holowan, it is a technical forum, if you want to discuss ethics, or a TV series, then post in the appropriate forums; Holowan is held kept in check, to make it easier for modders to see relevant posts to their threads.

Originally Posted by JuniorModder View Post
I'm a Christian, and in the Bible it says when someone slaps you to turn the other cheek, not slap back. I've been doing that for a while now. But the Bible didn't say anything of simply walking away.
You do realise that Lucas Forums is a Star Wars internet site, so I'm unsure how this is relevant. If you wish to leave that is entirely your prerogative; however I am sorry if you do want to leave.

Originally Posted by JuniorModder View Post
I'm 13 years old, and most kids my age are immature brats who are selfish and unintelligent. I, on the other hand, am wise and very mature. I've done things that most people have never done. (Modding, making stop motion animated videos, making music, voice acting, writing) I am treated like an immature brat where ever I go, but I want at least one place where I can be treated like an equal, even when I make mistakes.
Perhaps not revealing your age, would be a good start, and then also a consideration that if you are treated a certain way, it maybe because of how you come across?

Originally Posted by JuniorModder View Post
In short, I forum is supposed to be a place where people can converse and socialize in an environment that relieves the stress of daily life. This is very much not that. I recommend you begin adjusting you're attitudes.

And a thought about being banned for posting this, but this needs to be addressed, and if you ban me or edit this post to your own means, you live up to everything I just criticized.
You signed upto certain terms and conditions when you registered for the forums; part of that is obeying forum rules, and remembering things are at the discretion of the Moderators.

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