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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Nonsense; the clone option is just as plausible. All they'd have to do is throw in some mention about "residual genetic memories" (which have been demonstrated before in Star Wars), and that'd be that.
You just complicated the story. You now have to explain how it came about. I mean you are seriously going with the idea that cloning Starkiller was planned because they knew what would happen with him, even though the Emperor looked at him as Vader's future replacement.

Then you have to grow him and train him pretty early on. I mean finding another person to do that would be easier than cloning someone to try to be like someone. To program memories.

You're also talking that Palpatine didn't have plans to use him as his future apprentice which was revealed he did.

Then not only did you start this clone off early when Starkiller was a young kid, you grow him, train him, program him with memories; you then send him off to wonder the galaxy wondering what he should be doing with this complicated thoughts. What is the point of that?

Oh, and if you're still going with the programmed memories, how did they get Juno's quotes since they weren't there for that? Especially one we heard her say to Starkiller right before he leaped into the Death Star. Are you still seriously suggesting that? Because if you are, you're going to really have to complicate the story more.

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
but I maintain that it is the least stupid (because it doesn't make the first game's ending a total copout) and most plausible
Still think it's the most plausible now?

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