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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Well, JM isn't the only one who's hallucinating, then. Must be an epidemic or something.

Apparently there should be yet another rule created which forbids the reasonable expression of outrage when assumptions about one's religious beliefs are used to cram a very obvious lie concerning double standards down one's throat.
Well, if you think every (or nearly all) moderators here, including the ones who've tried to keep you out of hot water, are the problem, then you may need to rethink whether your perception of their actions is in line with what theirs are.

Originally Posted by JuniorModder View Post

I looked for the Clone Wars discussion thread that MrCharlton made before posting, but couldn't find it. And if I had known all of the information about the situation, I might of had a different opinion. All I had to go on was what Mrcharlton said to me.
Always check out facts for yourself. Sometimes what people think about a situation and what the situation actually is can be rather different.

Originally Posted by JuniorModder
You forgot the second part: I'm creative, polite, intelligent, and I am different and don't care what other people think about me. Most teens say the "different and don't care what other people think" part, but of course, they all dress alike, listen to the same music, do the same things.. If you don't believe I'm wise, ask me a deep question. I've discussed abortion, politics, religion, the universe, evoltuion, and relationships. All of my teachers in the past have disliked me because they were intimidated by me.
I guarantee you that none of your opinions are in the least intimidating, nor are you disliked by me. As long as you follow the rules, none of us will ever have any problems with each other.

Originally Posted by Junior Modder
What am I imagining? The only thing I misunderstood was the situation with MrCharlton, but that was because information that was thought to be fact was faulty.
He was responding to Evil Q, not you.

Originally Posted by JuniorModder
I don't want to be rude, or cocky. I just have been treated like this everywhere I go, even by members of my family. My friends don't give me encouragement that I need because they're jealous that I'm achieving things that they aren't.
I understand your frustration at not being recognized for the accomplishments you consider important. If you finish them to your satisfaction, then it's irrelevant what anyone else things about them. It's nice when people give us pats on the back for a job well done, but more often than not people won't, and in fact they'll be looking for things to complain about. That's the way life runs. If you're _expecting_ constant encouragement, you'll find yourself disappointed frequently.

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