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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
You just complicated the story. You now have to explain how it came about. I mean you are seriously going with the idea that cloning Starkiller was planned because they knew what would happen with him, even though the Emperor looked at him as Vader's future replacement.
It's not my responsibility to come up with the why for him being cloned by someone (presumably he would be cloned after his death, but that's neither here nor there). I'm merely pointing out that it is possible and more probable than him being resurrected (something which is relatively rare in-universe, compared to cloning).

Then you have to grow him and train him pretty early on.
They have accelerated clone growth in-universe. As for training, that's tied to the "why" question.

To program memories.
An ARC Trooper (called "Spar", featured in two Karen Traviss novels and a few other EU sources) in the clone army got Jango Fett's memories by accident. It wouldn't be a stretch for a clone of Vader's apprentice to get memories somehow as well (it doesn't have to be deliberate; I'm just pointing out that it's not implausible).

You're also talking that Palpatine didn't have plans to use him as his future apprentice which was revealed he did.
Where did I say that? Again, this is related to the why question, and I never intended to address the why, and as I stated above, in all likelihood if he was going to be cloned, it would be after his death.

Then not only did you start this clone off early when Starkiller was a young kid, you grow him, train him, program him with memories; you then send him off to wonder the galaxy wondering what he should be doing with this complicated thoughts. What is the point of that?
There are too many presumptions in this line of thought. You are presuming that Starkiller being cloned means that Palpatine has to be the one who did it (though he is the most likely person), that residual memories from the original Starkiller had to have been programmed (when even elsewhere in the canon it has been demonstrated that they don't need to be programmed in order to occur), and that he would be sent by the Emperor for no apparent reason on a mission with no objectives or purpose. I'm not trying to explain anything close to the whole story; I'm only highlighting what I consider to be the most plausible explanation for Starkiller being back.

Oh, and if you're still going with the programmed memories, how did they get Juno's quotes since they weren't there for that?
Because, as the condition you refer to in this sentence (the underlined portion) dictates, he somehow possesses the original's memories.

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