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LA shot themselves in the foot and cheated themselves into pretty much exhausting the Star Wars galaxy with canon. You've got a brick wall one side of Kotor with Dark Horse canon, and another one just the other side with the MMO.

There's nowhere to put any original ideas and events without running into canon in the Old Republic era anymore, unless you go before the Sith ever existed (more ewoks and droids). The whole Old Republic spin off from Star Wars is hereby owned by the MMO, no doubt about that.

That leaves for any K3 only an epilogue to TSL, where yet another fresh Jedi Padawan goes following after Revan and encounters the "True Sith" and must save the galaxy. Maybe in this one you'll get to choose alien species to play to add at least something new.
But we're already running into problems doing this, since Kotor is forming its own mini canon by placing successive games so close together in timeline. It is getting unavoidable to have appearances or more detailed references to Revan and the Exile, but who they were and what they did was entirely up to the gamer when they played the earlier series (which TSL attempted to deal with at game start).

The whole bonus of the Old Republic era was being relatively untouched by canon. But now that's all down the tubes and personally I think it a waste. EU novels have messed around with 1000 BBY, Dark Horse has 4-5000 BBY covered, Kotor is 3995 BBY or thereabouts but right after this is MMO at something like 3700 BBY. And you'll want to leave a good thousand years or so after the MMO blank so that game doesn't have problems running into canon that wasn't there over coming years.

The thing you want with an RPG is plenty of space around it in timeline to give player freedom. Far enough from earlier canon so that it can be original, and plenty of room ahead of it so that events can proceed in any manner and major events can be tossed in at the drop of a hat.

You can't really have anything too big or impending in a K3 anywhere near known space because they'd have heard about it in SWOR.

They should've put the MMO a good thousand years or so later, something like 2500 BBY and left Kotor plenty of room. Obviously the decision by LA was to dump Kotor for good.
Maybe there just weren't enough Ewoks in it to suit GL.

Love to see a K3 but it's never going to happen. Really.

You know and there is a thing about money and profits and RPG versus MMO. Firstly just the way telemarketing wants you to buy a membership to AAA Diet Club the world of computer marketing wants you plugged in and downloading all the various products and adware/spyware of their companies, not to mention this is how ISP's make money, and the theme of capitalism is always more, more, more. More download speed, more monthly data allowance, more money, more jobs, more wealthy execs, etc.

The other part is RPG style games require total conversions to play more than once really, unless a die hard fan the majority marketbase plays once and then the DVD case collects dust for the rest of eternity. The story is done. The idea is new expansions/conversions are released on a common shell, like with NWN2 which at this stage is about four full length RPG's in one or something.
For some unknowably ridiculous reason LA doesn't do this, they want the one game made, the project finished and completed and the profits tallied and distributed, the end. They do this with every project.

Now consider the fact new games sell for $80-110 but their resale value is really closer to about $50. Overpricing is a marketing standard, but with your standard RPG, ie. NWN what you get for your hundred dollars is something which is guaranteed to develop further, they even include a modding/modelling toolkit and this factor is part of the sales pitch.

LA has none of it. They strictly control licensing and would have to make Obsidian a subsidiary to allow them post production game support like traditional RPG (expansions and conversions). So put simply LA just isn't set up as a business which can provide RPG games unless they are individually licensed standalone products like Kotor/TSL. Which is really selling everybody short and they'd have to know it, they'd feel much more comfortable with an MMO themselves because you don't have the same issues as single player RPG in terms of keeping it alive and making it playable more than once.

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