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Originally Posted by SITHWARRIOR101 View Post
It actually makes alot of sense, starkiller posssibly knew he was going to be killed so he went to kamino to make a clone of himself, the clone died on the death star, problem solved so starkiller could go into hiding or whatever.
It takes time to grow clones you know. He would then have to train him and that would take years. Please think things through before you present them.

Originally Posted by mstr kenobi View Post
And you have never heard of clones in star wars
Of course people have heard of them. It's when they're all of a sudden thrust when people don't think things through is what the problem is.

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
It's not my responsibility to come up with the why for him being cloned by someone (presumably he would be cloned after his death, but that's neither here nor there).
After his death? Okay, TFU II is still before ANH. Are you really seriously suggesting that as a possibility?

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
I'm merely pointing out that it is possible and more probable than him being resurrected (something which is relatively rare in-universe, compared to cloning).
Did it ever occur to you that Starkiller never really died and that he was presumed dead? That's not resurrection.

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
They have accelerated clone growth in-universe. As for training, that's tied to the "why" question.
That is not it. I'm point out the flaws in the idea of cloning Starkiller.

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
An ARC Trooper (called "Spar", featured in two Karen Traviss novels and a few other EU sources) in the clone army got Jango Fett's memories by accident. It wouldn't be a stretch for a clone of Vader's apprentice to get memories somehow as well (it doesn't have to be deliberate; I'm just pointing out that it's not implausible).
I see the Multiplicity movie factor being played, but if that is the case, the memories would be at the moment of cloning. Not after.

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Where did I say that? Again, this is related to the why question, and I never intended to address the why, and as I stated above, in all likelihood if he was going to be cloned, it would be after his death.
So you're saying that within a 1 to 2 year time period, he was able to grow up, then trained to be as powerful as he was before, which did take well over a decade before. Are you really going to go with that?

I have already contradicted every aspect of your clone theory. If I can do that, don't you think that means it won't happen that way? Think about it!

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