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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
After his death? Okay, TFU II is still before ANH. Are you really seriously suggesting that as a possibility?
Not exactly a possibility. My gut says that they're going to bring him back to life, so I'd say it's more of an option that I wouldn't put past LucasArts.

Did it ever occur to you that Starkiller never really died and that he was presumed dead? That's not resurrection.
Of course it occurred to me. I looked over it and decided that that idea is absolutely bogus, because even if you believe that he survived that explosion at the end based on the fact that he has no visible wounds in the game (and assume that Vader and Palpatine are ****ing morons), we still have the novel (which is just as canon as the game) spelling out in no uncertain terms that the apprentice, regardless of what happens to him later, died. Even if the game leaves it ambiguous, the novel fills in the gap.

I see the Multiplicity movie factor being played, but if that is the case, the memories would be at the moment of cloning. Not after.
Even if that was an established in-universe law of cloning, LA could use any number of methods to ignore or neutralize such a rule.

So you're saying that within a 1 to 2 year time period, he was able to grow up, then trained to be as powerful as he was before, which did take well over a decade before. Are you really going to go with that?
I don't see any reason to believe that he would be as powerful or skilled as his original self was. As for the growth speed, that wouldn't be a problem for LA to explain, what with crazily-fast cloning cylinders from the Thrawn trilogy, and the like. There's also Sith magic/alchemy, which they could use as a handwaving device for how he grows so fast without going bat**** insane, while retaining his Force sensitivity, and so on (Sith magic can do pretty much anything the writers want it to; it's a very versatile plot device).

I have already contradicted every aspect of your clone theory. If I can do that, don't you think that means it won't happen that way? Think about it!
I don't see how your ability to say that my theory is wrong changes any of it. Besides, there is no doubt in my mind that LA will go with the resurrection option, because it's simpler than the cloning one and I don't think that LA (even at its worst) would expect anyone to believe that Vader and Palpatine just didn't notice that he was still alive. I still maintain that while every explanation for his return is less than desirabe, the cloning explanation is the least implausible, and that's why I'd prefer it. Of course, I don't expect it to happen the way I think it should at all (for starters, I don't think the apprentice should be brought back in the first place). What I'm arguing is that if LA wanted to, the cloning option would work at least as well as any other explanation: hardly great, but could be worse.

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