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It's not an ideal solution, but it works.
I haven't modded in a long time. Before the dark times, before the- wait, no, just since Jedi Academy was fairly new. Anyway, there are a few skins in this game that annoy me to an extent, so I've decided to fix them.

First one I've finished is a shadow stormtrooper reskin, to make it more consistent with other sources.

you can also see my second project I'm working on, a replacement for the black saber crystal. I'm trying to switch it to be Mantle of the Force from KotOR, but so far it's not working too well... I got it partially fixed in the second pic, though.

I'm also going to fix the shadow evo trooper the same way I fixed the normal one, and I may also reskin the royal guards to look more like they did in Crimson Empire. Maybe a Boss or Omega Squad skin for the Commando, I don't really know yet.

Here's a download link in case anyone wants the new trooper:

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