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Originally Posted by ForeverNight View Post
@Qui_Gon_Glenn: o rly?
Your post, and your link, provide nothing in the way of argument. Surely, you can do better. GDP is a nice economists measurement, but it is a macro measurement, and leaves out a lot of important details.

@Web Rider - thank you for understanding the logical operator AND in my sentence. I threw that in their to see who might bite, and either to my dismay or great joy, most everyone understood how that works.

Not much to add, I am quite gloomy these days, and I'd rather not share it too much.

For those that are interested, I can provide a link to the site my mother got her side of this story from. I will not put it in this post - it is a damned pay site, pay-per-divination! That deserves a thread all its own :facepalm:
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