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I would love a KotOR III by Obsidian. LucasArts is such BS, their greed and unrealistic expectations for Obsidian ruined K2's potential, and Obsidian + the fan community suffers for it.

LucasArts isn't generating games for the sake of making a good game, they're doing it because they want cash money. Seriously, an MMO over a regular RPG? How can they continue a seriously plot and story driven series with an MMO? They're whoring out the KotOR universe just like very other aspect of the Star Wars mythos, leaving originality and creativity in the dust. I want to be engaged, entertained, and enriched when I experience a story. Storytelling is an art, and every medium of that art it seems is being corrupted by greed and an ignorant demographic that doesn't understand quality.

This new "Old Republic" game's saving grace will be Bioware's involvement, and it's reception will probably be great... it's still an original idea being jerked around, manipulated and milked to death for maximum profit.
Dude seriously I know!!! Everyone i talk to would much rather have a single player kotor 3 than a stupid mmo. Nobody wants that. And whoever does want TOR is messed up. When i beat kotor II i was stoked cuz i thought they would continue it. I want to know where revan and the exile end up(I know they went to the unknown regions and all) and i want to finish kotor. I think everyone here can justify with me that they want to finish kotor and find out what happens to revan and the exile. God it drives me insane that lucasarts would leave one of their top selling games in the dust like that, without even finishing the story!!! I have never played a star wars game with such a great and rich storyline. And the characters and just everything about the kotor games were just what made star wars......STAR WARS!!!! And now lucasarts and bioware have decided to crap on it with their mmo. And I think obsidian did a great job with kotor II. The only reason it had a few kinks in it was because of lucasarts just like this guy said above(sorry if i labeled you this guy i cant find your tag lol) had unrealistic expectations for them but overall the game was great! Obsidians kotor 2 would have been better than the first kotor if lucasarts didnt crap on them. I really hope lucasarts gives obsidian a chance to make kotor 3 the real single player how it was meant to be kotor 3. Not this stupid mmo crap. Frankly, I think they will end up making it. Because on all the forums ive been on, a majority of star wars fans like a MAJORITY like PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE doesn't want an mmo. So nobody is going to pay for it and hopefully lucasarts will realize they shouldve made a single player kotor 3. That is my two sense for the day!!!! I really hope lucasarts is reading this! In fact i should just send this to them. Seriously im pretty sure almost everybody here will agree with me that they would rather have a single player kotor 3 then an mmo. Sorry if this is really long but i am POed about this mmo crap and i know alot of people are.
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