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Guys, u r soooooooo fu****ng into JKA here, i can see)))))))
The ideas i read here are all gr8, really i wish LA just takes any of them, they just all sound so coool as a acontinuation...... And sabers there- com'on, we dont need any half measures.
If u wanna have a choice of sabers- then have ALL of them- seriosly, not just two- sabers, and 1 saber- but Also-
Staff saber
dual sabers
normal (Single) saber
Backhand- saber
Grievous'- styled 4- held sabers
and all and All you can possibly imagine, each one with at least 2-3 styles of holding and weilding it (eg. for staff- saber there are kazdam paratus style, darth maul style, phobus style, etc..; for single- strong style, fast style, and so on)
We have only 1 choice- 1 saber.
But evenhere- we dont need any half measures))))) We would need the ability to customise hilts, crystals of color, modification crystals - so, like in TFU1. but also, we should be able to change style of it, like in Jedi academy/ jedi outcast, so we get more control over it.
Thats, in my opinion, the only flaw that needs fixed- the saber combat
As for the rest, the best wishes to all fans and developers of Force Unleashed- series!
Lets just wait and hope, that they listen to our suggestions
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