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On my old comp with Inter Celeron 2.0Ghz 1 Core (slower than Pentium 4 2.0ghz), only 512mb RAM and "prehistoric" GeForceFX 5500 (which has AGPx8 and my Mainboard tolerate max x4 so it works slower than it should) the game works well on high res and more than 1 level of details.... I don't know why is playing on lower details is so bad 4 you, taking into account the fact, that there is no MUCH difference in graphic quality between them! Shame on you, guys, who have more-than-one-core-CPU, more-than-1gb-of-RAM and Graphic Card which name starts/ends with "HD" and are grumbling : \ "Don't play game because the graphics are baaaaad",6...hots/Practice/
Is the low detail too ugly to play? : /

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