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“Um... com.... liu.... sir?” A man stopped staring at the ground, and looked up to see some average, newly trained solider. The man blinked and grumbled “What?” The solider stiffened up even more to the point of looking like he was a sculpture. With only his lips moving and nothing else, the solider said “We have an update. Looks like reinforcements will be sent out from Dantooine... once they become available.” The man smirked and said almost laughing “Let me guess... more fighting in surrounding systems?” The man nodded and said “Thats all I have for you.” The solider then turned started to walk away. He immediately froze though when he heard the man on the cardboard box say “Wait.” The solider turned around and heard “Next time, you can just call me by my name, Davi.” The solider nodded and quickly walked away.

Davi stood up and and yawned a bit. He didn't especially like Foerost. It was some largely unknown planet used to build ships. Because of this, most of the planet was unoccupied. Which bugged him a lot. To him, the city lights of Coruscant was beautiful, or the bustling sound of all the people trying to get to where they were going on Corella was music to his ears. So being here made him feel... bored.

Davi gave out another yawn and decided he needed something to do to pass the time. He walked over to the targeting range and noticed someone had left his blaster there. He picked it up and saw it had a clip in it. He then proceeded to shoot the targets, shooting about seven of the targets with eight shots before the blaster stopped working. Dav put the pistol back where he found it and grumbled while walking away, saying to himself “The weight was off on that blaster. I should have hit all eight targets.” He then just continued to walk around.

((Ok, its my guy vs three sith lords, and two other guys. I got a bad feeling about this ))
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