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Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
The one I linked to above comes from the US and there is a free shipping option available, it'll just take a little longer to arrive. It's just the PlayStation 3 version this guy is selling, however.

Yeah thanks Marius, its certainly becoming a possibility, but considering the shops supposedly sold it for between £25-£30 ($40-50) and the imported ones are £34.97 ($57) before the obligatory 17.5% tax when it reaches customs then £8 surcharge by the postal service for "handling it" it will end up about £50 ($80) it is effectively doubling the cost, and i already paid for the Tatooine to download for £8 ($12)

I would really love to know why its disappeared from the UK, the constant response of "stocking issues" is obviously cos nobody has any idea why or they can't /don't want to tell us

of well I'll play through my current copy till I can
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