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((Had finals at school to do. Sorry. Also, you guys can hear this music when Moxie and Ashtin are in the Gym.

Moxie made her way down the hallway again, looking for Ashtin in every door. Finally, she caught a glimpse of one of the door's window. Ashtin was in the gym. She smiled, and went in quietly.

As the door behind her closed, the young girl went up to Ashtin from behind, standing a few feet away, and quietly smiled.

"Hey there, hotshot."


After Manson left out and closed the door, so that he wouldn't stare at what his comrades were doing, he turned around and jumped. "Whoa!" When he got a good look, it was his old friend, Rusu.

The old leader smiled and breathed. "Rusu, my friend. You nearly scared me to death."

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