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Well I know you guys do have real life stuff and so I am in no rush for this. But was hopping that you could do it anyway seeing as this is clone based and this a blank template of a clone from a friend. This one posted below is what I am asking for basically to be edited.


1)Name: Skar
2)Colors & Placement- I'd like the colors to be like this clone below only blue like the 501st Legion clones.

4)Add-ons/other details- Add a visor like Cody's (the one shown above) and a scar across the face-plate of the helmet, a Kama like what Rex wears, and this symbol on the body armor (keep the sash)


As stated before take your time. I am in no rush and try your best. It maybe big but I know some of you said for some challenging work. This is challenging and it should turn out pretty well.

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