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Captain Nelniath Navarus stood on top of a large ship factory as she overlooked thousands of Sith Soldiers rallying around on the ground, and hundreds more dropping from the sky. On about twenty formerly-Republic bases around the planet, the same was happeneing; however, over fifteen more were still guarded by the Republic.

Nelniath swore. The Republic had more resources than they had; it was all about the element of surprise, and now there were people in the Republic bases relaxing and practicing at firing ranges, waiting for them to come. She reached for her communicator and pressed it against her mouth. "1st Lietenant Zataan Navarus," she spoke artificially into the speaker.

Seconds later, Zataan - her brother and Lietenant - picked up the communicator. "Nelniath?" the voice came from the speaker.

"Rally the troops," she ordered. "We make for the base about twenty miles from here immediately."

"What about the Republic prisoners at this base?"

Nelniath thought for a moment. "Kill them," she said simply.

"What?" came the shoced reply from her brother.

"We don't have time to secure the base. Trap the prisoners inside, set the charges, and when we are at a safe distance activate them. We will reply to Republic incompetence with Sith brutality," she said coldly.

"No!" asserted Zataan from the other end.

"That's an order!"

"The Republics learned how to deal with brutality against the Mandalorians; this will only make them fight us harder!" he cried.

Nelniath paused before continuing, "I am your commanding officer and this is an order. Set the charges and leave."

__________________________________________________ ________________________________

Revan was about to continue when a Sith Lord cut him off. "Revan," she said, "we are recieving a message from Lord Malak."

"Patch him through"

Let there be rock!

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