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"Destroying Telos will only strengthen the already-hardened Republic's resolve."

Corsair Krandor, Sith Lord and member of Revan's inner circle, grunted. As his master was about to continue, he coughed, then spoke up.

"Pardon me, Lord Revan, but I must express my strong disagreement. You do know of the large amount of Republic troops and sympathizers amassed in Telos, yes?"

Lord Krandor put his hand into the pocket and grabbed a datapad, which he immediately browsed. After a few moments of being stared at by his fellows and his superior, Corsair finally spoke again.

"Aha! They call themselves the Telos Liberation Force, or more commonly known as the TLF. It includes remnants of the old TSF and large numbers of Telosians who have been recruited by the TLF's leaders. The Republic has been sending TLF troops everywhere in the galaxy to fight our troops. You would do well to remember that the Foerost forces the recon team we sent encountered were not at all native to the region, but members of the TLF's notorious special forces."

Corsair then put the datapad back into his pocket, then resumed his discussion.

"To get to the point, my Lord, Telos is one of the keys to decapitating the Republic war effort, and only a small window of opportunity is provided unto us. The large Republic fleet destined to travel from Coruscant to Telos would relieve the tired and battered troops there, giving the Republic yet another staging point to mount daring assaults against us. I'm sure you agree with me that there is a hierarchy of priority we must consider when we deal with matters, and surely you know that our enemy's complete paralysis would do better than keeping their morale intact."

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