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As Davi continued to walk around the base, the same republic solider from earlier ran into him and knocked him to the ground. He started to say “Hey buddy, watch where your go-” The solider froze as Davi got off the ground and starred at him. The solider said “So- so- so- sorry sir, I was running to find you be- be- because I have a update for you.” The soldier handed some papers to Davi and took off running.

Davi looked at the papers and let out a small curse. It was a map of the planet and all the republic bases. On each base it was colored either black or white, white being that the base is okay, by making comm contact with it and that the camera's were up and running. If it was black, then the base was assumed to be taken by the enemy. Their was definitely more black then white on the page and their were a few of the black near the base he was currently at.

Davi dropped the page's and let the wind blow them away. Did he make the mistake of staying with the republic instead of going with Revan? He didn't think so, but he might have lived longer if he did. But if he was trying to live a long life, he wouldn't have joined the military. Davi then started to walk towards the armory at the base, thinking for once, on the site obtaining wasn't going to work.
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