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"Hey there yourself. Are you alright?"

Moxie stared up into his bright, crimson eyes. She remembered seeing those eyes ever since she was a little girl. She recalled Ashtin telling her that he met a little girl that had the same appearance and spirit just like Moxie's. The same little girl he gave mercy to...

Snapping back to reality, Moxie answered, "Yeah. Well... a little. Baldur kinda gave me the "tough guy" speech, and says that I shouldn't waste his time with him if I'm gonna keep doubting myself." She sighed, then smiled. "But, Darius, that Merc, said he'd train me if I want. I said yes, and that Baldur could still train me too. I know it sounds silly, but I don't want Baldur's feelings hurt."

Moxie sat down on the gym's bench. "I feel so stupid though. I didn't mean to not help you guys catch Black..."


"It has been far to long my friend. I've come here to offer any assistance you may need."

Manson smiled. "It's a honor that you came, Rusu. If you want to be of assistance... I gladly accept." He placed a friendly hand on his friend's shoulder. "It's good to have ya here, Rusu." He turned to Baldur. Then glanced back at Rusu. "My officer will show you to your room. Feel free to look around. I'll also talk with you again later on."

He gave Rusu and nod and smile. An officer began to assist Rusu to his room.

Manson turned to Baldur and folded his arms. "Now then... ready to discuss matters?" He began to walk down the hall in a steady pace.
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