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Ashting watched Moxie as she sat down on the bench and listened to her talk. He had no problem listening to her talk, in fact he'd rather enjoyed it to some level. Moxie's presence alone to him was relaxing of sorts. After she finished speaking he walked over to where he had dropped his jacket and picked it up then sat himself next to her upon the bench.

"Baldur is right, you shouldn't doubt yourself. It could get you hurt or worse killed. And as for that merc I don't trust him..." Ashtin leaned back a little resting his back upon the wall "He's too trigger happy."


Rusu nodded his head to Manson then followed the officers to his room. As Ruse walked past Baldur he nodded his head to show some slight manners at least. Perhaps later Rusu thought that they could get a better introduction towards one another.

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