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((Mcharlton, I like where you're going with the storyline, but the cannon story is that Revan and Malak made dealings with the Rakata before discovering the Star Forge; now, I don't want to let cannon get in the way of storytelling, but my character Revan is currently debriefing the Lords on the Star Forge; I think you may have to edit your last post, sorry about that but I just want to keep the story on track))

Revan pondered Lord Kandor's assertment; it did not fit in directly with his plans, but the Lord had a valid point; Revan realised he was leaving a bit too much to chance.

"Very well," he proclaimed. "Lord Corsair Kandor, you are given lead to lead a fleet to surround Telos; however, I give you strict orders, and you would do well to listen to them; you are not to attack the surface, and you are to relay to the Republic the terms of this conquest; we will continue to allow trade in and out of the planet, and any form of transportation; however, Republic and TLF forces will be forced to stay on the planet.

"If Republic ships attack you, fight them off; your fleet is more than enough for Telos' garrison, which is small for now. However, keep your cannons focused on the planet; when the Republic fleet from Coruscant arrives, threaten to bombard the planet, but do not do so! If the Republics attack, then there will be too many of them for your fleet to fight off, and if you destroy the planet you lose your leverage, and most of all we lose the support of the Republic people; simply retreat.

"Now, I know this may be a boring procedure of a Lord of your stature; you can send Malak or Admiral Karath in your place if you so wish, and you can oversee it yourself; this I will let you choose."

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