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Cathar was burning.....Just two weeks after the blockade had begun, Cathar lay in ruin. Malak just stood on the deck as Catharian blockade runnersleft the surface, only to be destroyed by Malak's 4 capital ships and 5 frigates or any fighter that poatrolled the area.

"Lord, Malak sir." Admiral Karath aproached Malak. "Cathar is in ruins. Shall I call of the attack?"

"Only if my orders from Lord Revan are otherwise."

"Indeed, milord. I have orders to return to the Star Forge sir."

"Very well, put the commadore in command now."

"Yes, Lord Malak." Malak then prepped his shuttle for launch and began his descent to the surface of Cathar. His ship landed on a large mushroom cap where a great wooden walkway arose that led to the upper levels of the raised Catharian city.

"Lord Malak, we were ambushed upon arrival, but I have the situation well under contro-ahchh!"

"I have no interest in your failiors commander, I'm here on a mission of my own!" Malak strode down the village like he owned the entire galaxy, whenever any being approached him, he dispatched it, whether it was Cathar or Sith. He arrived at the top level of the great wooden city.

"Sir!" A sergeant yelled to the Dark Apprentice. "I could use your help! We can't push them back!"

"Leave that to me!" Malak prepared a huge Maelstrom of Sith Enerhy and blasted the wave of warriors back off the edge of the walkway down the hundereds of meters into the forest floor.

"Dark Lord! Come no further!" A Jedi yelled from the forest floor. With a single manouver, Malak jumped the many meters to the floor and swung his lightsaber at his opponent. After a brief duel, the Jedi was dead and Cathar was a dead world. Malak was victorious.

Back at the Leviathen, he was being contacted by none other than Darth Riebal, the Star Forge's droid expert.

"Lord Riebal, what is it?"

"Lord Revan is requesting an audience with you! Return to the Forge imediately!"

"Will do. Captain, make the jump to lightspeed!"

"Yes Milord!" Soon, Malak was back on his way to the Star Forge.....

Note: I hope this works and is approved!

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