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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
But, but, but, Murph, in the Bible it specifically states "And in the year 2010, the Great Nation of America, blessed by God, will be led to it's utter destruction by the Anti-Christ... Barack Obama". Have you not read that part of the Bible?
Hey, hey, hey.....! I think that must have been in one of those banned book versions (like Lilith or the Gnostic Gospels, etc....).

@Murph......well, given that hell is a religious reference of ask the impossible. Serioiusly, though, depends on what one means by hell. If it's just a metaphor for falling fast and hard from a postion of prominence, then it's not inevitable. Perhaps just a slow but certain decline before diappearing into obscurity (often the fate of many an "empire") or the mists of time (or whatever metaphor you'd like).

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