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Originally Posted by Zargon View Post
not a lot. got married last year, bought a house this fall. pretty much ended my life as I know it

things have certainly changed thats for sure!!
Oh, come on! There must be a positive side of it

Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
You know you're in for some bad times when you wake up at 6AM just to take 3 ibuprofen, then immediatly go back to sleep.
No lie, I woke up, grabbed a Mt. Dew, cracked it, walked OVER TO MY DESK, opened the stupid child saftey lid, popped 3 of these guys and went back to sleep.
It was this wierd dream state instinctual need **** that was realy goddamned wierd.
Anyway, wish I had health insurance.
That was the case with me just a day, even a night before we had a planned trip to NY city. I was sweating and coughing all the way. One moment my wife even asked if we need to call emergency. Next morning with every possible clothes on me I got to the bus, but thanks... I was almost alright once in NY

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