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Battles of the 501st (Geanosis-Endor)


Clone Captain Rex stoodon the landing pad on Kamino, it always rained there, and Rex was used to it. Rex was a clone trooper, who were now a faction of the Republic. He felt adrenaline inside of him, he knew what was about to come, Seperatist battle droids held a strong pressence on Geanosis, and Rex was to lead his very own battalion. He didn't know who is commanding Jedi was, but he felt a sense of honor inside him. He looked at the newer batches of troops and just smiled. They were his brothers, the only family he ever had, and he intended to protect them if it meant fighting to his last breath.

There he was, Master Yoda, a small rather cute little thing, Rex had a hard time actually believing he was a Jedi, but he knew he and his two friends, Cody and Fox, were about to see some real fireworks, and soon.....
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