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Ashtin couldn't help but smile when he felt her lips against the skin of his cheek. Moxie had cheap moves he'd give her that for when she wanted to not argue with him. So for now he figured he'd let her have this one and be done with it. Sitting up straighter Ashtin turned his head to look at Moxie and smiled as he placed his fingers upon her cheek.

"I'll have you know" he said softly to her "You are very cheap."

Standing upon his feet he slid his arms into the sleeves of his jacket and straightened it out. He'd only been in jeans, a t-shirt and this jacket since a couple months after meeting Moxie. Figuring change wasn't completely bad, he tried the new look, even shortened his hair. He ran his hand over his head feeling how short it had actually become.

"In some ways I suppose this is for the best" he mumbled to himself his hand still rubbing his head.

Turning around to face Moxie he gave her another smile. "You know if I were human dating me would be a lot easier."

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