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@forum in general - Many here are assuming that I believe that "anything" is going to happen in the future. I have no crystal ball, and as Starkiller says, "never been a Jedi before." Do not confuse the topic with the poster.

@thegame - The roman "empire" was not one long single form government. Review history and respond if you wish.

@ForeverNight: I am not proposing that the US will dissolve, or the world will crack in two, in 2012 or necessarily anytime. Again, this is a discussion of a coincidence, and the facts are simply that some people think certain things, and some people discuss such-and-such. I did follow the first link, and no, I did not follow the second - I was underwhelmed by the argument presented by GDP statistics. That 1% has a lot of cash.

@murph - I know nothing about destiny, and I don't believe in hell. I simply live now and remember when, and as I old as I feel saying it (and dotardly) - it is all going to hell
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