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Hi! This is the first time I will post here with this name...I used to be around and here as PerfectJamie...maybe some of u remember me I know there is a new forum that you guys prefer me using, but it seems to be in read only mode still and I wanted to make a few suggestions for 1.3, I plan to repost this on the new forum once its up.

First I want to say that I love the holster really adds a level of realism to the game. Well I was just playing a game of myself cause nobody ever seems to be online and I found it annoying that I had a huge blaster on my back that I picked up from a stormtrooper I killed while I try to duel a dark jedi. What if u add a "pick up weapon" function? Such as just pushing the use button while standing ontop of a weapon, maybe even an pick up animation.

Second, kind of following up with the pickup weapon idea...I think it will be more realistic if each player has a restricted inventory. In real life...even in the star wars universe I'm sure people dont run around with a lightsaber, two blasters, a clone rilfe, and a rocket launcher. What if we limit players to having two pistols/sabers (each leg) a big weapon (on the back...I think a light staff would go in here) and a few smaller items like thermal detonators.

Third. I think it will add a level of realism if you allowed player to wall hug. I think gunners would benefit from this...and even saber users might find this fun...kind of adds a stealth aspect to at least the coop levels (the first part of hoth 2) I think it will be cool if gunners can wall hug and shoot around corners aswell.

what do u guys think?
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