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Revan looked on as Corsair exited the room.

"Very well!" he said. "Foerost will be taken soon, and Telos will be under our control. That will be the first step into our power-struggle. Now, I would like to be clear; we shed as much blood as we need to, no more and no less. The moment our forces are stronger than the Republic's, we will put forward my plan in which we lay siege to Coruscant and take it with a surrender."

"Now, he continued. "The battle of Foerost is going well, and we will have taken it soon. The soldiers there are loyal to me, as are all of you; they will die before they fall." He knew this well. He was extremely powerful; only the Jedi of the Council could defeat him, and even that would soon change, even thoug hhe was only in his early thirties.

His soldiers worshipped him as a hero, a man sent from the Force to make the Galaxy right. And they were right.

"I will take a ship to Taris to try and make diplomatic agreements there; the planet has been scarred by the war, and the Republic did not help them much; we will give them what they could not!"

There was cheering in the hall.

"If I cannot persuade Taris to join us, I will not attack it, because it is not as crucial to the war effort; I will show the honour of the Sith. We kill when we must, we pillage when it gives us power, but we WILL RESTORE THE GREATNESS OF THE GALAXY! It is through our resolve, not only our military strength that we will prevail.

"We are not brutes, and let us show them that. I will go to Taris and leave the council in control of the Star Forge." There were more cheers as he left the hall.

His soldiers were loyal to him, and would die for him.

The only thing that worried him was the loyalty driving them mad.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Nelniath laughed as she chopped the head off a Republic soldier. She ran through their lines, feeling a surge of happiness as she chopped them down and the men cowered at her with fear. She was no Dark Jedi; only a human with incredible strength and speed, and unmatched brutality.

She broke their lines, and around her lay twenty dead Republic Soldiers; men, women, human and alien, all were dead and mutilated at her feet, some decapitated and others dying slowly and painfully, their faces sliced off.

At the sight of ten timid enemies pointing guns at her, she ran to a turret and tried to rip it off.

It was too secure.

Instead, she rained fire on the enemies with the turret, watching them scream and crumble as she did so. Once all thirty-so soldiers were dead, all by her hand, she walked across the carnage, putting her foot on dying men, making their death all the more painfull.

She removed her cap and her black hair flowed in the sunlight as she looked down; there was a large battle going on, and she was at the top of the Republic factory, and saw that the Sith were winning. "Zataan?" she said.

Her brother replied, "I'm here! Things are going pretty well. Are you alright up there?"

She chuckled. "There were one or two Republic guards who spotted me, but I just about managed to kill them. And don't worry, I didn't slaughter them to death; I totally believe in the support of the Republic." She waited for the response.

"Uhh . . . alright; I'll move my troops into the factory, then." The communicator turned off. She laughed hysterically. Even her own brother was so easily manipulated by her. It was alright; she just made sure that he would not be harmed; there was no one to harm him, anyway.

She heard footsteps behind her and felt an arm grab itself around her shoulder, and a knife pressed against her neck. "I'll kill you for what you did here, scum!" said a man's voice. "You ripped off my brother's face and left him to die painfully! Do you have no honour!" he rasped.

"Don't worry," she said softly. "His death will be nothing but a comfortable experience compared to what I'll do to you." She grabbed his arm and twisted him over, taking the knife from his hand and taking out her pistol, shooting him in the knees. She then took out the knife and ripped open his body, tossing his bare muscle into the air, exposing his organs.

She then carved the symbol of the Revanchist on his face as he died. "May all Republic Soldiers know this; they will pay for betraying the man who saved us all.

"This is for Revan!" were the last words that poor man heard.

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