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Corsair Krandor watched as the ramp of his shuttle, a VT-29 Decimator, lowered to welcome his person. The shuttle was a personal request made by the Sith Lord himself, and was paid for in full with credits totaling a few million. It was highly advanced for its age, with unmatched stealth capabilities, navigation, and weapon quality. It also managed to pack all of this features in a small shuttle, small enough to not attract attention but big enough to appear menacing.

Corsair stepped aboard the shuttle, where his aide Captain Phoenix was waiting. Phoenix saluted as Krandor went inside the VT-29, a salute which was immediately returned by the Sith Lord. There were also four elite Sith troopers aboard, afforded for personal protection.

As Corsair approached the navigational controls, Captain Phoenix approached him.
"Where are we flying today, sir?"

Corsair punched in some hyperspace coordinates he knew by heart, then answered Phoenix's question without even turning around.
"Telos, Phoenix. We are departing to Telos."

Phoenix stared in utter disbelief at the Sith Lord.
"Without any envoy, sir? That is crazy! The size of the Republic forces in the ar-"

Krandor raised his right hand, a symbol for Phoenix to stop talking. The latter immediately followed, knowing the consequences of insubordination.

"Admiral Karath's fleet will be waiting for us, Captain. Now, afford me the meditation and rest I deserve. You handle all navigation."
Krandor grunted, then entered his meditation chamber.

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