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Yeah I'm not sure whats going on with the new forums or teh primary team right now but I wil put my 2 cents in here.

The first idea: Not sure about that. If they did that they might have to use a button that is already assigned have it double at a pickup button. We're running out of buttons to use as it is.

Second idea: I like the spirit of this idea (reminds me of Crysis), but I'm not sure how doable it will be for balance sake. For a gunner to take down a Jedi it usually takes vast amounts of skill with one weapon or average skills with several. Most beginning plays find they stand a chance if they use multiple weapons and items a certain way against a Jedi, but often they run out of ammo and need all the help from multipe weapons they can get. If it was retooled for balance sake, then maybe, but that will be rather difficult. The second you let a gunner have a saber with out a major tradeoff, it destroys any chance of a Gunner only person being balanced against the others.

Third idea: That would be cool if we had it just for the sake of having it, but I can't see how it would add much given how JKA is set up. If there was better stealth shadowing in the game I would be all for it, but thats alot of coding and animation to add for something that is not that themoment, I'm not even sure who is still around for coding and animation :/ I'm becoming out of touch with the team :'(

OJP team - Might be a good idea to make an announcement about using this forum for now until the other one is back up. I can make it if needed. I think I still have admin here.

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