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Okay, so I am starting to do all of the stuff that hasn't been finished. I am trying to do it in order, if I miss something when I'm done please PM me with the post quoted )...

Originally Posted by cc Bakura View Post
2)I would like Red armour with gold shoulder,elbow,and knee boots,and a gold viser.also a gold bounty hunter symbol on right breast plate.everything else red.
3)some kind of Ion weapon

Sorry you had to wait so long (I think that is one of my ion weapons)
EDIT: Crap just realized that I forgot to unhide the gold elbows, will re-upload.
EDIT 2: Uploaded

Originally Posted by atucker2326 View Post
cool thanks Rinku sorry bout the signature i couldnt get it smaller i tought it was k but guess not. Well rinku, i promise this is the last thing i need you to do for me for some time. Can u make me a good signature, with sigma, shadow, Exo, and ghost. There name is alpha squad. Just play around and make an awesome signature. Is it just my computer but i noticed i cant get the links to the close-up pics. Whatever thanks again.
actually sorry Bakura could you just modify sigma's helmet not so pugy and make him with a gold visor thanks
umm. idk Rinku which way do you like them better? With or without
The sig is not my best (really) because there are 4 commandos in it (difficult to come up with a color scheme & feels to crowded; to me at least).

But anyway here it is:

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