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Davi stood in the armory when he heard someone yell outside, then nearly fell over as a nearby explosion shook the area. He cursed and grabbed some type of rifle, then ran outside. He jumped behind a near by steel box and hid.

He looked up to see a total open war zone. Troops were pouring in from the front gate, and although stopped a the moment, they wouldn't for long. Davi ran closer and hid behind another steel box, fifty feet away from the front gate. He looked over a box and started to shoot at the incoming soldier's. He shot three in the face then hid behind his box as the soldier's turned their attention to him.

Davi started to slowly grin. It was a large force, but this was one of the better defended bases. If no dark Jedi or Sith showed up, no soldier's like him showed up, And a bad commander was leading them, they would easily wipe this force out. If any of the first two were there or they had a good commander leading them, he would have to probably deal with them. He looked over his box and shot five more soldier's and ducked again.

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