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Darius sighed rather loudly as he waited on Moxie. Grant it he did tell her to come see him when she was ready but he was getting anxious, and very bored. He was also waiting to see if he was going to be accepted into this group but no one was coming for that either. Shrugging his shoulders he stood up and decided to explore this place. He'd only be gone for a bit...besides what was the worst that could happen?


A figure was walking down the hall opposite of Darius. He took note of the merc and took a look at what he was wearing. After shaking his head he continued walking down the hall until he saw a girl. He smiled as he recognized the girl from behind. He leaned back on the wall and called out to the girl.

"Wow I can't believe they let someone in here like you Sonya." came the voice of John Carmine.
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