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Hey, Late into the scene. I only recently got the game through one of Steam's sales. Got it for $2.49.

Anyways. I'm using the editor to make my character how I originally wanted. But, I'm having problems with the force powers. My currently working save has

Force Push
Force Whirlwind
Force Wave
Throw Lightsaber
Adv Throw Lightsaber
Force Lightning
Force Storm
Affect Mind
Dominate mind

What I want is to have.
Force Wave, Kill, Force Storm, Dominate mind, Disable Droid, Horror/Insanity, and Master Speed. My problem is when I disable everything and enable those. My game crashes when I go to my menu and try to view my force powers.

Do I need to enable all the force powers underneath those? Like building up to it? For my feats, I enable the master versions of them and they work. Can I only have so many force powers? is there something I'm missing?
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