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Thumbs up great discussion & debate here!

Some Great Discussion & Debate here, yet he could've sensed through the force that the Emperor wanted him Dead by turning up at the death star an used Proxy or a Clone, but in order to find out about Kamino, he would've had to find out from Kota, which was never mentioned in the book or the game, the book series shows later on, that Palps stops using Kamino Clones an starts using another Facility, linking to the Separatists before that war was over an Order 66 came in.
The Force itself has been used to cover to make it look as if someone is dead, it happened when Luke Skywalker did it, an Ben Skywalkers connection to the Force was Restored in the Legacy Series, so that is still open for a plausability, knowing at what lengths Darth Vader wanted to Tear Down the Emperors Empire, an He Achieved that by being the Source of Creating the Rebellion, remember what Palps said to Darth in regards to that.
So still Apart from it being between Episodes 3 & 4, could this be showing The Ultimate Light Side Edition of The Force Unleashed, seeing it showed a Light Side Ending in the Book, plus also showed of it in the Game, as well as its alternate as Dark Side, That Darth could now be using Galen Marek, seeing what Darth saw Marek Achieve in front of His Eyes as a Light Sider, an being sent to other parts of the Galaxy to Help Bring Down Palps Empire, an according to the Dark Lord Rise of Vader book, showing it was Anakins/vaders Point of View after his fight with Kenobi, he seemed to have known something was up when Palps started speakin of the dark side an his practices, even though he did what he did with the Jedi Purge, it set the Future of the Jedi to Adapt to Changes it needed to do to Survive into the next Eras, just as the Sith again Adapted itself later on in the Legacy Series bringing itself to see how important it needed its own form of Jedi Council but a Sith Council, but every still wanting to be top head honcho.

"May The Force Be With You"

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