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((Alright, though we'll have to make it over a communicator, since Revan has left for Taris))

Revan got a noise from his communicator. Opening it, he heard his apprentice's voice. Before Malak could answer, Revan ordered, "Malak, you are ordered to pull out troops from Cathar and redirect your force to serve Lord Corsair Kandor over Telos; your invasion of Cathar proves that your position of the Second Lord of the Revanchist Empire must temporarily be given to Corsair, until you are to prove yourself loyal to me. I will say no more."

__________________________________________________ _______________________

Nelniath stared at the base in front of her. It was well defended, as it was built into the mountain of a desert; however, they had more soldiers, and stronger soldiers; for the most part.

"Take he base head-on," she ordered. "Leave no Republic Soldiers alive."

Let there be rock!

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